How to Propagate Russian Sage

There are many ways to propagate perennials in your home garden, but propagating the Russian sage perennial does not occur as easily as more traditional plants. Here are a few things to take into consideration when working with these types of plants in your garden.

Can't Divide and Conquer

Because Russian sage plants can grow quite bushy and large, it would seem that using a root dividing technique would be the quickest and easiest way to propagate. However, many gardeners have found that dividing Russian sage actually harms the root systems and they don’t survive well after they have split.

The Old Fashioned Way

Actually, the easiest way to propagate Russian sage in your garden is from the seed. This type of plant tends to self-germinate as well, so if planted in open areas propagation may occur naturally.

Be certain that you have picked an ideal location in your yard. They prefer warm climates and direct sunlight. The soil should be medium to completely dry in texture and should never be over watered. They also tend to grow well on hilly terrains and seldom need care. However, after first planting your Russian sage water more than normal until they get settled.