How to Properly Apply Semi Gloss Paint to Your Walls

What You'll Need
Semi gloss paint
Latex paint primer
Paint tray
Painters tape
Large paint roller
Small paint roller
Oil-free dish soap
Warm water
Lint-free towel
Paint scraper (optional)
Paint thinner (optional)

Matte paint and semi gloss paint are different because matter paint tends to be slightly thick while semi gloss paint is thinner. When applying semi gloss paint to a wall you run the risk of streaks forming and ruining the finished product. The streaks that often form in semi gloss paint are what also make it shine. Semi gloss paint will also make a room seem brighter as semi gloss paint can reflect its own color. There is a trick to applying semi gloss paint and this article will show you how to achieve a great look and great coverage with semi gloss paint.

Step 1 - Prepare the Wall and the Room

Remove furniture from the wall and out of the room. Cover the furniture with a drop cloth if it is too heavy to move. Place a drop cloth on the floor to protect the floor from paint splatter.

Applying semi gloss paint to your wall requires that the wall be cleaned. Any type of dirt or debris can cause an otherwise beautiful paint job become sloppy. Mix warm water with a little oil-free dish soap until it is sudsy. Submerge the lint-free towel into the soapy water and wring it out until it is slightly damp. Wipe the wall down with the damp cloth to clean off any dirt or residue. DO not worry about removing the old paint unless it is peeling and cracking. If this is the case then use paint stripper and a paint scraper to remove it. Always follow the instructions on those products for proper use.

Use the screwdriver and begin remove any electrical outlets, switches and fixtures. Apply painters tape around the edges of the wall and where the ceiling and wall meet. Place painters tape inside along the edges of the switches and outlets and then tape newspaper over the openings to protect the wiring.

Step 2 - Priming the Wall

Primer paint is very important to a successful job. Use a paintbrush or small paint roller to first paint the edges of the wall with the latex primer paint. Do the same thing around light switches and outlets. We primer a wall like this because once we switch to a paint roller we no longer have to worry about detail work and it will go much faster. If your top coat is very colorful then two coats of primer will be needed otherwise one will work fine.

Step 3 - Applying the Semi Gloss Paint

Allow the primer to dry completely before using the semi gloss paint. Stir the semi gloss paint from the bottom of the can then pour into the paint tray. Dip the roller and remove the excess semi gloss paint to avoid drips. Apply the semi gloss paint exactly as you did the primer. Spread the paint out evenly without it getting too thin. Wait for it to dry then add another coat.