How to Properly Use a Staple Gun

Attaching fabric with a staple gun

A staple gun is an essential tool for every handyman. This power tool is used in many applications, like affixing wiring, insulation, and house wrap. The staple gun is also useful in many home improvement projects, from furniture repair to building a small wooden shelf. The staples are made of heavy metal that can punch through plastic, wood, and even masonry.

Types of Staple Guns

There are many types of staple gun that you can purchase at your local hardware store, including:

Electric Staple Guns

Battery Operated Staple Guns

Manual Staple Guns

Compressed Air Staple Guns

Step 1 - Load the Staple Gun

Open the body of the staple gun by pressing the colored latch located at the back of the stapler. Squeeze the release button to remove the tray and load it with staples. Check that the staples are all level with the staple gun carriage. Close the body of the staple gun and make sure you hear a click, which means that the staple carriage is properly locked.

Step 2 - Staple

To begin stapling, level the staple gun with the surface you want to staple and squeeze the trigger. The amount of pressure you have to apply to squeeze the trigger depends on the type of staple gun that you have. If you have an electric staple gun you only need minimal pressure. On the other hand, a manual staple gun requires more squeezing pressure.

Proper Handling of a Staple Gun

staple gun, insulation, and tools laying in an attic

Regardless of what type of staple gun you have, you need to learn how to properly use it to avoid any mishaps. Since staple guns can punch through hard objects such as masonry, an accident involving a staple wire can be a very painful experience. Below are the proper ways to use, handle, and store a staple gun.

Never leave a staple gun unattended. If your staple gun has a lock feature, make sure to always engage the safety lock whenever you are not using the staple gun. Never point the staple gun towards anyone, including yourself, even if it is not loaded. Keep your finger away from the trigger when you do not need to staple to avoid accidentally firing the staple gun.

Read the product manual thoroughly before using a freshly bought staple gun. Although there is a general instruction on how to use the common staple gun, there may be special usage instructions on your specific staple gun type.

For electric staple guns, always check the electrical cord before using it. Never use an electric staple gun with exposed or frayed wiring to avoid accidental electrocution. Never let your child play with a staple gun. Do not treat a staple gun like a toy.

Always use safety glasses when stapling to avoid wounding yourself with splinters during stapling. Always check what you are stapling. Look for electrical wires and harder metal objects located underneath the area where you are stapling to avoid any mishaps.

Always unplug an electric staple gun when you are not using it even if you only have to go grab a glass of water or answer the door.