How to Properly Use an Air Chisel

air hammer
  • 1-100 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 0-400
What You'll Need
Protective eyeglasses
Working clothes
Face mask
Ear plugs
Air chisel
Chisel bits
Air connectors
Air compressors
Oil for pneumatic tools

An air chisel, also known as an air hammer, is a pneumatic hand tool and carpentry tool utilized to split or slice metals. It is also a cutting tool and a dynamic apparatus powered by means of compressed air that can be applied to eradicate tarnish, remove damaged exhaust system parts and for a variety of other tasks in hardware and woodworking activities.

The additional power offered by the compressed air makes it more effective than a hand chisel and hammer. Air chisels have the capacity to perform several and different tasks with the help of various chisel bits. You should choose the exact bits compatible for the work and make certain they are set up appropriately in your main chisel device. The following steps will enable you to use the air chisel properly.

Step 1 - Identify the Necessary Chisel Bits Needed

Although the air chisel can accommodate and perform well with different types of bits, it is important to determine first which bit is needed for the kind of cut you require. Once identified, check the types of bits you have available in your set. If the set included the bit you need, check your bits first for damage before inserting them into the primary chisel device. Make sure you do not use any cracked or worn out bits as it may cause potential danger. If the bits are in any way, cracked or damaged, better replace them with new ones before starting.

Step 2 - Prepare Primary Chisel Device and Insert Chisel Bits

Once the right bits are available, lubricate first the primary chisel device with oil appropriate for pneumatic tools. You may inquire from your hardware store about this. Then properly insert the chisel bits into the primary chisel device following the instructions provided in the user's manual of your chisel device.

Step 3 - Insert the Primary Chisel Device to the Air Compressor

air compressor

Using the right kind of connector, insert the air connector from the primary chisel device to your air compressor. Seal the junctions to eliminate leaks. Some air chisels come with air connectors when bought, but most do not have one, so make sure you buy the right air connector that fits your air chisel unit.

Step 4 - Operate the Air Chisel

Once the device is connected to your compressor, you can now start using it. If the device is to be used for the first time, then you should start working by using a low setting, then gradually increasing the force as required. It is best to work in an angle that would help the chisel bit drive down into the area you want removed, easily.

As much as possible do not just move from one chisel bit to another unless necessary. If you want to increase the impact of the chisel bits, you may adjust the locking mechanism of the bit or adjust the airflow. When using an air chisel, make sure to wear protective gear to prevent unwanted mishaps.