How to Protect Faux Marble

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With people trying to save as much money as they can, they are turning towards faux marble and other such techniques in their home remodeling projects.

A faux marble painting technique, when done correctly, can have the same exact look as a regular marble countertop, mantel, or even tile wall. However, as with other forms of tile, you will need to protect the faux marble from being damaged through everyday use.

Keep Hot Items Off

A faux marble finish is basically a surface with several layers of paint, glaze, and varnish. These layers create a hard surface but not one that can stand up to high heat. A hot pan can sear the surface and leave a burn mark. Make sure you use a few levels of padding under any hot pan.

Prevent Water from Settling

Any type of water, even condensation from a glass, can leave rings or discolor the faux marble finish. Keep full glasses off the counter, or use coasters to keep the moisture off the finish.

Clean with Water and Soap

Give your faux marble a daily cleaning, if it's in the kitchen, with warm water and soap. Never use any abrasive cleaners, as they will lead to scratches.

Keep It Polished

The beauty of faux marble is the way it mimics marble finish. Keep the shine with frequent polishing. Add another coat of clear gloss if the varnish starts to fade.