How to Protect Your Garden From Acid Rain

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Acid rain is an unfortunately common occurrence in urban areas. In addition to its damaging effects toward buildings and human health, acid rain may negatively impact your garden as well. Follow these tips to protect your yard against acid rain.

Utilize Natural Cover

If a portion of your yard is underneath tree or building cover, utilize this space for your garden. Ideally, your plants will be exposed to adequate sunlight but simultaneously be protected against potentially damaging rain.

Build a Cover

If you do not have a natural cover in the surrounding area, consider building a greenhouse or gazebo in your garden if you have the space and resources. These structures will provide visually appealing havens against acid rain for your plants.

Move Ornaments Inside

Marble, iron and other materials commonly used to construct lawn ornaments and patio furniture are particularly susceptible to the effects of acidic rainfall. If possible, move these fixtures to a covered or, preferably, indoor location before a storm and for the duration of the rainy season.

With adequate prevention and common sense, you can cultivate a naturally beautiful flower or vegetable garden in locations plagued by acid rain.