How to Protect Your Gutters From Weather Damage

Gutters can become damaged easily if they're not kept clean and a blanket of leaves and debris is allowed to trap water, snow or ice inside the gutter trough.

Install a Leaf Strainer
The best thing you can do to keep leaves and damaging debris out of your gutters is to install a leaf strainer or some other kind of gutter guard or cap. This keeps leaves, twigs and other items from filling the gutters and preventing proper water flow. You will still need to check your gutters regularly for anything that could have gotten through. Sediment and small bits of debris still make it through some gutter protection systems. But a strainer should keep out the biggest offenders.

Make Sure Gutters are Sealed

After your gutters are clean and dry, use a sealant on all the inner seams of the gutter trough. Coat it well, but not enough to create a ridge that blocks water flow. If seams aren't sealed well enough, water gets between them and works to corrode the metal where gutter sections meet. Eventually this will begin to leak and over time the metal will be eaten away to leave a hole. Gutter sealers prevent this problem and allow water to flow without getting trapped in the creases.