How To Protect Your Hair From Air Pollution

Many people overlook the damaging effects that pollution may have on both physical and mental health. The overall environmental health of a region can positively or negatively impact your personal health as well. One of the primary effects of pollution, both in the home and outside, is damage to the hair.

How Pollution Affects Your Hair

Pollution consists of toxins, dust and smoke in the atmosphere. These particles can clog lungs, sting eyes and, although many don’t realize it, cling to hair and even prompt premature baldness.

Certain particles in the air, such as dusts of various types, may cause allergic reactions in some people. If you suffer from a pollution-induced dust allergy, you may find that the quality of your hair diminishes, or that you begin to lose excessive hair.

Keeping Your Hair Healthy in Polluted Environments

The most important way to keep your hair healthy, in any environment, is to wash it with a fortifying shampoo and condition it regularly. Be careful not to overwash you hair, as this may weaken and damage the hair. Additionally, if you live in a polluted area, consider wearing a scarf or hat while you are outdoors in order to protect your hair from harmful chemicals and allergens.