How to Put Together a Canopy Baby Crib

What You'll Need
Ready-to-assemble crib
2 bed-size sheets
Fitted sheet
Sewing machine
Measuring tape
Glue gun and glue sticks
12-inch metal ring or hoop
2-inch satin ribbon
Decorations (optional)
Cord or fishing line
Cup hooks

A canopy baby crib is designed to give your baby a good night’s sleep. It must be properly assembled and placed in a risk-free location. A ready-made canopy crib can be costly and expensive, but putting it together is very simple. Follow the steps below to correctly assembly a canopy baby crib.

Step 1 – Choose the Location

Prepare the nursery, and plan to position the crib in the safest area of the room. It should be away from windows, blinds and draperies to prevent accidents with cords that might injure your baby via suffocation or strangulation.

Step 2 – Assemble the Crib

Follow the manufacturer’s directions to correctly assemble the crib. Take your time, and double check the crib mattress support if it is stable. Take into consideration the height and size of your baby. Hitch on the mattress and fitted sheet.  Fix it to assure it fits well and is secure. Put on casters and insert them at the bottom of each leg to make the crib mobile.

Step 3 – Prepare the Canopy

Use a measuring tape to get the crib’s dimensions. Cut 2 bed size sheets into 4 same parts according to the crib’s measurements.  Be sure to have a little adjustment with the measurements for allowance.

Step 4 – Put Together the Sheets

Position the sewn fabric around the top of the ring by using a glue gun. Hide the gathered portions simply by preparing a 2-inch satin ribbon and glue it around the covered ring.

    Step 5 – Set the Loops and Hooks

    Form 4 pieces of long clear fishing line or cord into loops around each quarter of the ring to achieve balance while forming the hangers. On the ceiling above the crib, screw 4 cup hooks. Position them where it will be suitable to attach the canopy later.

    Step 6 – Decorate the Canopy

    Decorations are optional but you can try to enhance the canopy crib with your desired embellishments to provide the baby with such soothing things to see and adore.  You can glue them around the fabric at the same gaps for uniformity.

    Step 7 – Attach the Canopy to the Crib

    Gather the assembled canopy and hang it from loops on cup hooks.  Stretch it over the whole crib and unto its ends. If you want, you can attach the sheet against the wall with those screwed cup hooks.

    A canopy baby crib can give your nursery an elegant look.  But on top of this, there are a lot of canopy designs to choose but you must consider your baby’s age, size and height in doing so.