How to Put Up a Wood Fence

What You'll Need
Fence posts
Wooden fencing panels
Wooden plank
Tape measure
A-frame ladder
Note pad and pen

As well as providing privacy, installing a wood fence can serve as protection for property and children and pets. With a little effort, you will find it possible to undertake the task of erecting a fence.

Step 1 – Inspection

Examine the area in which you intend to place the fence. In addition to measuring the length to determine how much fencing is required, you should make a note of the type of soil that your land is made up of. This will help you to have an idea of the method to use. Lay the measuring tape along the ground to get the required length and write down the result to take it with you when purchasing the tools and equipment required.

Step 2 – Design and Gather Equipment

When you have noted down the dimensions, you will be in a position to plan your design and gather all the tools and equipment required. You will need to fit posts as part of your wood fence design and you should be aware that your fence will be sturdier the closer these are together. You will know how many posts you need once you are aware of the length of the fence panels. Decide on the height of the fence that you require.

Step 3 – Fit Posts

Starting at one end of the intended wood fence, dig a hole of around 1 to 2 feet deep that is close to the circumference of the posts. Use the length of one of the panels to plot the next hole and continue along the entire length. Once you have completed this, mix the cement in accordance with the instructions. Get your assistant to help you insert a post into the first hole and hold it straight as you pour cement around it. If the posts are reluctant to remain upright, use a long plank of wood and prop one end against the post and the other on the ground to hold it in place. Leave the cement to dry for at least 24 hours.      

Step 4 – Attach Wood Panels

Once the cement is dry, you can complete the wood fence by attaching the panels. At this stage, you will need the use of a ladder as well as an assistant. Position the ladder next to the first post and climb it with hammer and nails in hand. Get your assistant to lift the first wood panel up and to help you correctly place it. Align the top of the panel with the top of the post so that there is some clearance between the ground and the base of the panel. A panel of 6 feet tall will usually comprise 3 short tabs, known as stringers, used to attach the panel to the post. Hammer a nail into the top stringer before doing the same with those at the middle and base of the panel. Follow the same procedure with the other side of the panel before installing the rest of the panels, ensuring that they are all the correct way around.