How to Put Vinyl Siding over Brick

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What You'll Need
1x2-inch wood furring strips
Masonry nails or screws
Power drill
Masonry bit
Carpenters level or plumb bob
Weatherproof nails

Homeowners with older brick homes at times decide to install vinyl siding over brick exterior walls. This can present a challenge because siding cannot be fastened directly to these walls. However, it can be done by first attaching furring strips to the brick wall. Here's how it's done.

Step 1 - Mark Your Strip Locations

Mark on your brick wall at the location you'll need for each furring strip. Be sure your strips will be plumb when attached by using a plumb bob or carpenters level as you mark the locations for each strip. Be sure you install a strip at every panel joint and make sure the marks above and below your panel will be easily seen when you attach your panels.

Step 2 - Attach Your Furring Strips

A man installs siding.

Use your drill and masonry bit to drill guide holes along your drawn vertical lines, through furring strips, and into the brick. Insert fasteners — masonry screws or nails —through the furring strips and into the guide holes.

Step 3 - Install Insulation, Caulking, and Siding Panels

If you have planned to install panel insulation or caulking, install them now before you attach your panels. Then attach your panels to the furring strips, using a hammer and weatherproof nails.