How to Put Wood Siding over Brick

Lead Image
  • 40-30 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 6,000-20,000
What You'll Need
Wood sidings
Furring strips
Carbide-tipped bit
Concrete screws
Measuring tape
Marking pen or pencil
Working gloves

Putting wood siding over brick or concrete walls can make your home look more attractive. Polished wood can give your home a cozy and attractive country look. To install wood siding over your brick walls, follow these steps.

Step 1 – Clean the Surface of the Brick Wall

Clean the surface of the brick wall before you attach the furring strips and the wood sidings.

Step 2 - Attach the Furring Strips to the Brick

Measure the length of your wall, then cut pieces of furring strips to fit into your wall. To install the furring strips, you need to drill a hole through the furring strips and the brick walls using your carbide-tipped bit. After drilling holes, align the holes on the furring strips with the holes on the brick, then use concrete nails or screws to attach the furring to the wall. The furring strips will hold your wood sidings, so make sure that the strips are securely fastened to the brick.

Step 3 – Install the Wood Sidings

To install the sidings, carefully nail the wood unto the furring strips. Apply all-weather wood finish on your siding to protect it from changing weather conditions.