How to Quiet Rolling Shutters

What You'll Need
Oil - WD-40 for example
Rolling shutters
Screwdriver Set

Rolling shutters are simple to use and look great in any room. While these are typically an asset to your home, they tend to be noisier than most blinds. If you find yourself with rolling shutters that you can't quiet, here are a few steps that you can take to resolve the problem.

Step 1 - WD-40

Using WD-40 can help with the hinges and base of the rolling shutters. If they have been up for awhile, there is a good chance that they are noisy from rust or regular wear and use over time. In order to quiet them down a little bit, you can spray some WD-40 on them. Once you have the can of WD-40, or a similar oil spray, aim at the hinges and base of the rolling shutters. Spray inside so that you oil the correct spot. It helps while you are doing this to use the small straw that comes with the spray. While this should take care of the issue, it may be temporary. If you find that you have this problem in a few months from now, you will need to spray again.

Step 2 - Secure Them

Securing the shutters is another way to keep them from making loud noises that annoy everyone in the home. If you find that they are moving a lot either in the wind or just when people walk by, you are going to want to secure them. You can use a screw driver to make sure that they are tightened again. It is common for the rolling shutters to loosen up slightly over time and cause racket when they are being used. Tightening them will fix this problem quickly and easily. Like the oil though, this may be a temporary solution and if you find in several months they are loose again, another tighten with a screwdriver should do the trick.

Step 3 - Replace

If you have sprayed the hinge and base and you have tightened the shutters with a screwdriver and still have trouble, you will need to replace them. There could be a few reasons why you are having a problem. The first could be a problem with the holes in your wall. If you drilled previously and attached the shutters and the holes have widened, you will find that the shutters shake when rolling up and down. The only fix for this is to take the shutters down, patch the wall and then re-drill and install them. The second reason could be damaged shutters. Whether the shutter was broken somehow or has just aged, the damage could be contributing to the noise level as they are in use. In order to remedy this problem, you will need to replace the shutters all together. Remove the old shutters, check the wall for repairs and then replace with new shutters.