How to Re-Attach a Gutter End Cap

What You'll Need
Gutter end cap
Rivet gun for metal gutters
Wood glue for wood gutters
Paint scraper
Silicon water sealant

It is necessary to know how to reattach a gutter end cap in the event one comes loose. The simple part of this is that you will want to create a water tight seal, which can be done easily with some silicon waterproof sealant.

Step 1 - Clean the Gutter Edge

Before you reattach the gutter end cap, remove the old one and clean up the edges with a paint scraper. Once you have the edges clear of buildup you will be ready to reattach the new or repaired end cap. 

Step 2 - Mounting and Sealing the End Cap

Take the gutter end cap and apply your silicon sealant, and then fit it onto the end of the gutter. For metal end caps you may have to cut the rivets to remove the old one, and then use the same holes to rivet the new cap on once sealant has been applied. For wood you would apply wood glue to attach it back to the gutter and let it dry, so you can seal the inside edges with the silicon to prevent leaking.