How to Rebuild a Carburetor

  • 2-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 50-200
What You'll Need
Carburetor kit
Safety mask and glasses
Carburetor cleaner
Old rags

Various new technologies are not available for fuel injection. However, the carburetor is still a very popular option that is often used by motorbike owners, old car owners, among others. One reason for this is that it turns out to be much cheaper than other options. It is a good idea to rebuild the carburetor by yourself rather than purchasing it. This would save on garage and mechanic service costs. Read below for a step-by-step guide of how the carburetor can be rebuilt effectively.

Step One - Purchase a Carburetor Kit

First, you will need to buy a carburetor kit. Ensure that you have checked the brand credibility and safety precautions thoroughly. Moreover, check to make sure the equipment and parts are in good shape. Often different carburetor kits have less or more parts to rebuild the carburetor.

Step Two - Getting Organized

Rebuilding a carburetor can be a messy job and this project will require adequate space. You will also need to have sufficient organizational skills to complete this task. If you are working in a room, you must be sure that there is excellent ventilation and light for proper rebuilding. People often choose the garage to work in.

Step Three - Put on Your Safety Gear

Wear the safety gear including rubber gloves and safety glasses. You will probably get a booklet with the kit that provides safety instructions.

Step Four - Taking Utmost Care

Open the kit, read the booklet, and observe the diagrams thoroughly. Spend time on keeping an attentive eye on meticulous details as even the smallest of details, information, and instructions matter. This will prolong the life of the carburetor. Keep a diary handy and keep making notes along with the details. This procedure must be completed in a very organized manner.

Step Five - Removing the Accelerator Pump

Remove the accelerator pump carefully. Keep your screws and hoses at the right place and jot down the whole procedure of removal. Clean each part delicately with a carburetor cleaner. Instructions are available in the booklet. The cleaners come in spray form and liquid form. It is recommended that a soft brush be used to clean the carburetor including the interiors. The cleaner should be completely dried before you move towards the next step. Proper cleaning will help to maintain your carburetor.

Step Six - Replacing Gasket

Replace the gasket with a new one and use an air compressor onto the base of the carburetor. After finishing with your cleaning, review the steps taken by you. Next, carefully follow the steps in reverse to rebuild the carburetor. Finally, install the carburetor in the engine and re-link the accelerator pump.

Step Seven - Testing

Tighten all of the screws carefully. Check the list you made and retrace your steps so that you do not forget a connection. Test the engine to check if the carburetor has been rebuilt successfully.