How to Re-Cover a Round Stool

What You'll Need
Quilt batting
Measuring tape
Staple gun and staples

Though re-covering furniture may seem to be a difficult task, it is not the case for a round stool and you can re-cover it yourself. All you require is new fabric and a few tools which, in all likelihood, will be present in your house already. Hence, whenever the existing cover of your stool has become torn, you should not delay changing it. Here's how you do the job and give a new look to your stool.

Step 1 - Remove the Existing Cover

Use pliers to pull out the staples from the existing fabric on the stool and pull off the fabric. If the padding of the seat is in decent shape, save it for re-use and if not, dispose it off.

Step 2 - Cut Quilt Batting

If you are throwing away the old padding, cut the quilt batting to use as the new padding.

Step 3 - Take Measurements

Measure the dimension of the round stool. You need to measure the diameter that is the distance between the diametrically opposite points across the stool.

Step 4 - Cut Fabric

Add 6 inches to the above taken measurement and cut fabric according to this value.

Step 5 - Place the Layers

Lay down the fabric with face down on a smooth surface. As per the case, place either the new batting or the old padding on the fabric’s top. Now place seat of the stool on top of padding.

Step 6 - Center the Layers

The padding and the seat should be at center of the fabric, leaving three inches of free fabric on all sides.

Step 7 - Use First Staple

Now pull the fabric to the underside of stool and secure it using staple gun. Press the staple gun properly to ensure that the staples go in completely.  

Step 8 - Next Staple

Now pull the fabric from the opposite side and secure it with another staple. Make sure that the fabric is not loose and is stretched properly.

Step 9 - Form Quarters

Repeat this for the other set of 2 points which form a line which is a right angle to the above 2 points so that the 4 stapled points form quarters.

Step 10 - Fix the Fabric

Pick up any quarter and use several staples to fix the fabric in that quarter. To ensure that threads don’t run of the fabric, fold the fabric at the ends before stapling.

Step 11 - Staple Fabric All Around

Repeat the above step for the remaining 3 quarters as well. Make sure that the fabric is not loose and is properly stretched.

Step 12 - Cut-off Excess

If there is any excess fabric on any side, cut it off using the scissors.

Now you can sit back and relax – enjoy the new cover for your stool and the feeling that you did it yourself and saved money by not hiring any professional.