How to Recycle Dryer Vent Heat

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  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 250-500
What You'll Need
A dependable heat-recycling device
A construction knife or heavy-duty scissors
What You'll Need
A dependable heat-recycling device
A construction knife or heavy-duty scissors

Recycling dryer vent heat can be a great way to make your home a little warmer, provided you own an electric dryer. Unfortunately, as those of us who live in colder parts of the country know, heating costs tend to skyrocket during the winter months. So if you're interested in adding a little bit of heat to your home and saving yourself some money in the process, simply read to learn everything you'll need to know about recycling electric dryer vent heat.

Step 1 - Acquire a Heat-Recycling Device

Before you can recycle heat from your dryer vent, you must first acquire a heat-recycling device designed specifically for electric clothes dryers. These devices are fairly inexpensive and generally won't run you more than twelve dollars. The Heat Keeper, in particular, is a favorite brand among electric dryer owners.

Safety Note: These devices must only be used with electric dryers and are certain to produce fatal results should they be used with dryers that are gas-powered. So before you buy a heat recycler, confirm that you own an electric dryer. It just might save your life.

Step 2 - Take the Necessary Safety Precautions

Now that you've acquired your heat recycler, you'll need to make sure your dryer is safely unplugged before proceeding to install it. When working with electronics, safety should always be high atop your priority list, so take care not to skip this crucial step. Once you've confirmed that the device is unplugged, it will be safe to proceed with the next step.

Step 3 - Connect Your Heat Recycler to Your Dryer's Tubing Vent

Having unplugged your dryer, you will now need to remove its tubing vent. Next, consult your heat recycler's instruction manual to determine the proper method of connecting the device to your tubing vent. This can generally be accomplished by cutting an opening for the device in the removed tubing vent and then using the heat recycler to join the two freshly severed ends of the tubing vent. But for safety's sake, be sure to consult your heat recycler's instruction manual before attempting connection.

Step 4 - Apply Your Finishing Touches

Heat recyclers generally feature a venting switch that allows you to direct your recycled air inside or outside, so make sure your venting switch is properly set before running your electric dryer again. Once your heat recycler is securely in place, reattach your electric dryer's tubing vent and plug the dryer back in.

Take care to clean both your electric dryer's lint catcher and your heat recycler's lint catcher every time you use the dryer, thus ensuring that both devices run smoothly. Regularly cleaning the respective lint catchers will also help protect you and your family from dryer fires.

So there you have it. Utilizing the four easy-to-follow steps outlined in this guide, you can recycle your electric dryer vent heat and save on heating costs. At last, your electric dryer vent heat is working to your advantage.