How to Recycle Vacuum Cleaners

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Vacuum cleaners, like all home appliances, tend to breakdown after repeated use. Unfortunately in today’s world of ever-growing consumption, repairing and fixing of broken down small machinery is almost unheard of. People would rather buy a new appliance then spend money to get it repaired. One of the reasons for this is the high cost of repair labor. Remember your vacuum cleaner has been manufactured using highly mechanical systems that lower labor costs. On the contrary, taking apart a vacuum cleaner just to see what is wrong with it is a time-consuming affair, and the cost of the labor can become quite high.

Why to Recycle and Not to Repair

One of the reasons why it is very difficult to repair a vacuum cleaner is that it has a large number of parts. This also makes it difficult to recycle a vacuum cleaner as the various parts of it all need to be disposed of differently. You have the plastic parts of the body and hose, there are the electrical parts of the motor, and then the mechanical parts that make the thing run.

Recycling Vaccum Cleaners

Recyclers nowadays are often specialists; each one would handle only certain items. It is rare to find one who will take all the parts of your vacuum cleaner, and if he does, it would be at a price that is laughable. There are repair shops that would take specific components that they can reuse to repair other vacuum cleaners. Again with the vast number of models available on the market for new cleaners, a repair shop cannot really stock up on spares for all machines.

There are sites on the Internet that would pick up your vacuum cleaner but would not pay you anything for it. They may sell some of the parts separately. You can of course disassemble the vacuum cleaner yourself and see if you can sell the individual parts yourself on eBay or other sites. When you are doing this, be prepared to have to keep the parts that you have offered on sale for a fairly long time until they are all sold off. And the parts that cannot be sold or are damaged beyond repair need to be disposed of properly.

If, however, you are planning to dispose of your vacuum cleaner just because you are going to replace the cleaner with a newer model, you may find thrift stores that will take in your old vacuum cleaner. These stores will service it and offer it for sale again at throwaway prices. Or you can gift it to shelters and other charitable institutions that are always looking for such things.

Environment laws are becoming stricter by the day and it is almost certain that you cannot dispose of a used vacuum cleaner in your local landfill. Almost all county areas have designated recycle centers that are there to take care of such old equipment. They function under strict guidelines and will dispose of your old vacuum cleaner in keeping with all the current laws.