How to Reduce Car Paint Scratch Repair Cost

If you are keen to save money by repairing a car paint scratch without the assistance of a professional, you will be equally keen to get the best deal on the materials needed. By following a few steps, you will find it possible to reduce the costs that are normally associated with completing the task.

Step 1 – Inspection

Begin by examining the car to locate every point at which the bodywork is affected by a car paint scratch. Not only will this allow you to determine the number of scratches that require repair, it will also give you the opportunity to ensure that they are really what you think they are. When a vehicle rubs against another item, such as a bollard or a supermarket trolley, the result could be paint or rubber transfer that only looks like a scratch. This will need to be cleaned rather than repaired.

Step 2 – Type of Paint

The next step must be to determine the best type of paint to use for repairing the car paint scratch. Keep in mind the fact that the paints which are difficult to apply may prove to be a false economy if you have to redo work because of mistakes. Car paint scratch repair is mainly undertaken with the use of a paint pen or an aerosol and each have their own method of application. Consider the instructions for application for each option to determine which will be easier for you. Be aware that using a paint spray can be wasteful as some of it will be lost to the surrounding atmosphere and there will always be some paint left in the can. It can be easier to direct a paint pen to precisely where it should go.

Step 3 – Prepare Properly

You can reduce the cost of the car paint scratch project by using only as much paint as is necessary to complete the project. This can be achieved by properly preparing the surface for application of the paint. Follow the instructions carefully so that the surface is free from grime and ready to accept the paint. Ensure that you take into account any protective shields required by parts of the car that will not be painted.

Step 4 – Research

When you know what and how much you need, you will be in a position to obtain the materials required. Avoid buying the first option you find and instead do some research to locate the cheapest paint scratch repair kit. You are more likely to find a bargain on car paint when it is sales season. Large chain stores that supply vehicle accessories will often have sales and promotional periods in which car paint can be found at a reduced cost. In addition to retail stores, you should also consider the Internet to determine whether the paint can be obtained from online stores. You may also find that you will be able to find cheap paint from sellers who have an excess that they no longer need.