How to Reduce Chain Drive Garage Door Opener Noise

What You'll Need

A chain drive garage door opener is a great feature to have for your home, but sometimes it can end up being noisy. There are a few things you can do on your own to reduce this noise or eliminate it entirely. Consider the guide below to lessen the noise you hear. 

Step 1 - Identify the Source of the Noise

If you are hearing noises coming from your garage door opener, make sure that you pinpoint where the noise is actually coming from. You should first consider that it might be the door itself, not the opener. 

Start by checking the things below to see if it is the problem lies with the garage door: 

    • Examine the metal tracks on the door for dents or bumps. If there are some, you can use a wood block and your hammer to fix the dents.
    • Make sure the tracks are aligned properly. If it is out of alignment, then you will need to unscrew metal tracks some and then gently hit them back into alignment.
    • Check to see if the tracks are dirty. You may just have to clean the dirt out of the tracks.
    • Make sure the tracks and rollers are lubricated well. If they need to be lubricated, use a spray lubricant or silicone spray will. Make sure the tracks are clean before you lubricate them.
    • Check for any loose bolts and screws. If you find some, simply tighten them.
    • If it seems to be a problem with the door springs, you will need to call in a professional to fix this. Tampering with the springs is quite dangerous.

    Step 2 - Check for Dirt

      If you are sure that the problem lies with the opener, make sure that the rails and chains are free of dirt, rust and other things that can make the opener run rough. You can use a carburetor cleaning agent because it is great for removing dirt and gunk build up. You can also get a rust remover from an auto supply store. After you have cleaned these surfaces, you can use some WD-40 so you can oil the chain as well as the motor bearings. This will help the opener run smoother and quieter.

      Step 3 - Install Rubber Backing

      Take apart the piece of each rail that is connected to the garage wall next to the door overhead. Then back each of the fixtures with a piece of rubber. Put the fixtures for the rails back on. These little pieces of rubber will actually insulate against vibrations, which will cut down on any rattling noises you might have with the garage door opener.

        Step 4 - Consider Your Alternatives

        If none of these things seem to help the noise, then you may have to break down and have a service person come to find out where the noise is coming from.