How to Reduce Whole House Fan Noise

Looking up at a whole house fan.

A whole-house fan can be a great alternative to air conditioning, yielding the same cooling results at a lower cost. However, it does make noise when it is in use. Here are some guidelines as to how to reduce that noise.

Size Matters

Be aware that a small, whole-house fan makes more noise than a large one. This is due to the fact that the blades have to spin faster to circulate the same amount of air that a larger one would at a slower pace.


The noise that a whole house fan produces is partially due to the vibrations that result from the revolutions the blades make. Insulating the area around the fan will keep it stable and diminish the vibrations.


Mounting the fan within a sponge-edged frame will help diminish the noise it makes by cushioning the body of the fan and reducing its ability to vibrate. This option can also be used for the edge of an existing fan.

Tighten Up

During installation, pay attention to all the fastenings you use to secure the whole house fan in place. Make use of washers or Rawl Plugs with any screws that do not seem to fit tightly enough.