How to Reface Bifold Closet Doors

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Bifold closet doors offer access to your closet without taking up much space. These doors easily fold back so you can see everything you have without having to slide or open doors into the room. With a little bit of paint and decoration, you can turn your bland bifold into a grand door.

Wash and Clean

Lay down the doors on the tarp. Remove any knobs or screws, and fix any damage with molding or adhesive. Use sandpaper to level any uneven surfaces

Use some gentle soap and water to wash the doors to remove any smudges and dirt. Let the surface dry.

Paint Panel

Decide which color would look best on your door. Usually, an accent color with two brighter shades looks good. One will be for the trimming and the other might be a shade or two darker for the inner panels. You can use colors that are very far apart on the color wheel or colors that are very close together.

Paint the top, bottom, and sideboards, and let them dry. Paint the trim as well. Tape the inside of the door once they are dry, and begin to paint the darker shade of color on the inside panels. Let the paint dry before you turn over to do the other side.

Paint Flat Door

Paint the door in the direction of the wood grain, usually from the bottom to the top. For a finished look, make sure your brush trails off the edges of the door to recreate a finished look. Let this side dry before you paint on the opposite side. You may want to add another coat of paint when you have finished painting on both sides of the door.


When the paint has dried, you have the option of hanging a unique design of fabric onto your door. Use spray adhesive to attach the fabric.

Door Knobs and Handles

Look around for objects and materials that might inspire you to find the same style or pattern for a doorknob. Look for color and shapes that can be matched in finding the right doorknob that fits your closet. If you have a Victorian-style room, consider ornate or jeweled designs. If you are in a child's room, consider finding a handle that has animals and flower-shaped designs.

Finishing Touches

You can use self-stick mirrors on your bi-folds to give the illusion of more room and space. Also, you can use a hammer and nail to facet 1 or 2 hangers onto your door to add your own pictures and painting that you like.