How to Reface Vinyl Cabinets

What You'll Need
Wood finish
Painters paper
Wood filler
To give a kitchen that refined look, you can always reface cabinets to make them look exactly the way you want. It is very easy and you don’t need to purchase them, you can simply do it yourself with a few materials and some tools. Refacing cabinets takes a couple of hours depending on your experience with it which makes it an ideal thing to do when you have a couple hours of free time. Refacing the cabinets yourself makes it a lot cheaper, and lets you decide how it will look, such as where the dips go what color it is and pretty much what it needs to be in your eye.

Step 1 - Cleaning the Cabinets

Any type of food or something that leaked into the cabinet, needs to be cleaned out so it won’t affect the finish of your cabinet. Use the cleaners safely with rubber gloves or eye protection as to not injure yourself. When the cabinets are cleaned well, you must make sure to rinse them out good enough so nothing will be in your way and alter the path of your finish. Allow them to dry, then you are ready to continue.

Step 2 - Refinishing and Stripping the Cabinets

When refinishing and stripping cabinets, try to detach them from the wall so it won’t be as hard to maneuver around it. If removing them is not an option make sure to put Painters paper under the cabinet your working on as to not ruin whatever is under it appliances and such.

Step 3 - Preparing to Start the Refacing

Make sure that all holes and dents in the wood are filled in with a wood filler. Sand lightly to give it a finished look and make it even with the new wood filling.

Step 4 - Make sure the Cabinet Hardware is Clean

First off, look at all of your hardware such as the hinges handles and others, if they’re damaged or can’t be repaired simply go to a hardware store and buy some new ones to get the most out of your cabinet. When you go to the hardware store be sure to take a picture of your kitchen and before you purchase make sure it is what you want and will look the best in your kitchen. If the cabinet hardware isn’t in need of repair, clean them really well with the right cleaners to make it look as good as possible.

Step 5 - Finishing up

To finish this project, you will need to mold the doors in the style that you chose. You can buy the molding at a local store and bring it home to finish it yourself. If you drew out how you wanted your cabinet doors to look take the doors outside and sand them down to get as close to the picture as you can.