How to Refelt a Pool Table

  • 3-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 100-200
What You'll Need
Crescent wrench
Staple remover
Trash bag

A pool table is an elegant design piece for your indoor sports room or patio. Playing pool is a perfect way of spending a leisure day with friends and family. Pool table are of made of durable materials that can last up to 20 years with only minimum maintenance. As pool tables are normally made of hardwood or composite materials, its’ most vulnerable part is the felt. The felt is a type of fabric that is attached to the surface of the pool table. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to refelt a pool table.

Step 1 - Measure

Using a measuring tape, determine the size of your pool table and purchase the replacement felt at your local home improvement depot or sports shop. Purchase an extra 12 inches to the length and width measurements of your pool table. Felts are available in various colors so decide if you need the same color as the felt you are replacing or you need a different color for your pool table.

Step 2 - Remove the Rails

Using a crescent wrench, remove the bolts that attach the rails into the underside of the pool table. The rails are covered also felt so you need to refelt the rails along with the table top. Set the rails carefully on the floor adjacent to its position in the pool table so that you will not make a mistake of attaching the rail on the wrong side later.

Step 3 - Remove the Old Felt

Remove the felt by pulling out the staples on the edge of the felt using a staple remover. Make sure to remove all the felt on the table top. Put the old felt on a thrash bag to be disposed later.

Step 4 - Lay the Felt

Put the new felt on the table top and inspect the felt for any damages or stains. Cut the felt using a sharp scissor with the border of your table top as a guide. There should be enough left over felt that you can use to refelt the rails.

Step 5 - Staple the Felt

After you have made the cut, attach the felt into the table top using a stapler. Start stapling at the mid portion of one end of the felt then staple the left and right edges. Go to the opposite end and pull the felt tightly and staple in the same procedure as you did on the other end. Now staple the side edges. Make sure that the staples are equally distant to each other and lined up nicely. When you reach the pool table pockets, cut 3 slits on each of the pockets and wrap and staple the felt on the edges of the pockets. Wrap the rails with the felt and pull the felt tightly before stapling.

Step 6 - Reassembly

Reassemble the pool table by attaching the rails into its proper place using the same crescent wrench you used earlier. After the pocket liners are inserted you can now use your newly re-felted pool table.