How to Refill Hydraulic Oil in a Floor Jack

What You'll Need
Wrench that is adjustable
Hydraulic fluid

If you repair cars, trucks, or any other type of vehicle, a hydraulic floor jack is an absolute must for your business to be functional. Thus, it stands to reason that the floor jack should be kept in good working condition. Proper oiling is among the necessities for keeping your floor jack running efficiently. Here you will find simple instructions on how to refill your hydraulic floor jack. 

Ste 1 - Find the Filler Port

The first that needs to be done before anything is to locate where the filler port is on the floor jack. The port is located in a different place on different floor jacks. However, most of the ports are usually found somewhere near the top of the jack. The filler port should be well marked as for what it is. 

Step 2 - Remove the Cap and Put the Funnel in Place

Once you have found the filler port, take off the cap to the port and make sure that you put it somewhere where it won’t get misplaced or lost. To remove the cap from the filler port, use your adjustable wrench and turn the cap counterclockwise.  

As soon as you have done this you need to immediately grab your funnel and place it into the opening of the filler port that the cap came out of. Make sure to hold the funnel tightly with your hand. 

Step 3 - Fill the Fuel

Take the hydraulic fluid and begin to slowly pour the fluid into the funnel so as not to spill any of it on the jack or the floor. If you do spill some, make sure to clean it off the jack or the floor. 

Step 4 - Replace the Cap

After you have completely filled the hydraulic floor jack, it is important that you replace the filler port cap, so as to avoid any leaking from the jack.  

Step 5 - Maintain Filling Procedures

In order for your floor jack to perform at optimum ability the oil needs to be filled and changed on a regular basis. Once the hydraulic fluid begins to get low, you will immediately notice a reduction in the ease of raising a vehicle. This should be the first hint that the fluid is in need of filling. Once you see the signs, follow the steps above again to keep your jack in proper working order. It can last for years with the right maintenance.