How To Refinish Wood Closet Doors

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  • 2-8 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-150
What You'll Need
Finish Remover
Foam Brushes

After a period of time there will be the need to refinish your wood closet doors. As time goes by, through use, close doors can begin to lose their shine or show wear. It might also be that you want to change the overall theme, or color of the room. Refinishing your wood closet doors is an option instead of replacing them.

Refinishing Basics

When you decide to refinish a piece of wooden furniture, or a door there are some things to remember.

Stay Ventilated - Do all your refinishing work in a well ventilated area. Sanding, and the finishing products can be a health concern if you have breathe it in without any fresh air.

Use Safety Protection - Rubber gloves, aprons, and eye protection are very important when refinishing furniture. The stains, thinners, and other chemicals can burn or damage our eyes.

Keep Work Are Clean - When refinishing your will need to keep the work area clean to assure no impurities will get in with the new finish. But, also so you don't trip over other tools or items laying around.

Remove Closet Doors

You will do a much better job when you can refinish your wood closet doors if the doors are removed from the casing. Remove the hinges, or take the doors off the track to remove the door and bring to your work station.

After the door is off, you can take this time to remove the hardware. Using your screwdriver remove all the knobs, latches, hinges, or tracks.

Sand Doors Down

To refinish means you must take off the previous finish. Depending on what it is, you can do it quite easily. For regular wood finish, a random orbital sander will work great to remove the finish. You don't need an aggressive sand paper, a 60 or 80 grit will do. You don't want to damage the doors you just need to remove the old finish.

If you are removing paint, then a good soak in paint remover will be a good idea before scraping it off and then sanding it down to clear wood.

Fill in Scratches or Gouges

Look over the door and fill in any scratches, gouges, or holes you see. Use a wood putty and apply with a small blade putty knife. Wait until the putty has dried and sand down to a smooth finish.

Apply Sealer

With a foam brush apply a coat of wood sealant to keep the stain from penetrating too deep. Wait a few hours until dry and then sand with a 220 grit sand paper.

Apply the Stain or Paint

Depending on what you want, you can apply the desired stain or paint the doors. If you choose to paint the doors then once they are dried you can mount the hardware back on and hang the doors.

If you choose to stain, apply with a foam brush. Start in the middle and brush outwards. Wipe off the excess with a cloth.

Finish Coat

After stain has dried, then apply a satin varnish finish to help your door shine and look new. Once dry, mount the hardware back on and set door back in place.