How to Refinish Wood Furniture with Tung Oil

What You'll Need
Oil-free soap mixed with water.
Sandpaper and sanding machine
Paint or Varnish Stripper
Steel wool, grade 0000
Thick rags or soft paintbrush
Old towels or rags
Denatured alcohol

If you need to refinish wood furniture in your home, you may want to consider using a tung oil as your finish. Tung oil is a natural yellow grain oil obtained from the seeds of a tung tree. The oil penetrates deep into the grain and pores of the wood to protect and seal the wood while allowing the natural beauty of the wood to shine through. Refinishing wooden furniture is a relatively easy DIY project and can be done in a few hours. This easy to follow how-to guide will show you everything you need to know. Let's get started:

Step 1 - Strip  Furniture Surface

Apply a generous amount of paint or varnish stripper to an old towel or rag. Then, wipe the entire surface of the wood furniture that you want to refinish. As you apply in the stripper, the finish will begin to dissolve, and you will then need to remove it with the old towel or rag. In some cases, you may need to let the stripper solvent set on the surface of the wood furniture for a few minutes before you can wipe off the old finish.

Step 2 - Clean the Wood

Once you have stripped the wood furniture, used a oil-free soap and some water to clean the wood. Use a sponge or old towel to clean the surface of the wood and then rinse it thoroughly. Use a dry towel to remove as much water as possible and then allow the wood furniture to dry.

Step 3 -  Sand the Surface

Using a fine grit sandpaper, sand the entire surface of the wood furniture. Try to remove any old paint or varnish that was not removed by the stripper. Continue standing until the finish is as smooth as you can make it.

Step 4 - Rub Grain with Steel Wool

After you finish sanding the furniture, use a piece of steel wool to open the pores of the wood. Rub the wool along the grain of the wood just as you would a piece of sandpaper.

Step 5 - Remove Sawdust

Use a clean cloth or towel dampened with denatured alcohol to remove the sawdust and metal filings from the steel wool that may have settled on the furniture.

Step 6 - Clean and Let Dry

Use the soap and water to again clean the furniture. Allow the furniture to dry.

Step 7 - Apply Tung Oil Finish

Use a paintbrush or a clean towel or rag to apply the tung oil to the furniture. Apply the oil in the same direction that the grain flows on the wood. It is better to apply multiple thin cuts of tung oil rather than one heavy coat. Allow the tung oil to become tacky and almost dry before applying subsequent coats. Depending upon the finish you are trying to achieve, you will probably need to apply three or more coats of tung oil for the best results.