How to Refinish Wooden Plantation Shutters

What You'll Need
Plastic gloves
Wire brush
Replacement mounting/hinge screws
Power drill-assisted sander
Wood staining compound
Wood filler

Among window shutter options, wooden plantation shutters are considered as a sturdy and aesthetically-progressive option. However, external elements like harsh weather conditions and neglectful handling can take a toll on them, rendering them a worn-out look. Shutters are also vulnerable to developing minor functional problems. However, wooden plantation shutters can be easily repaired using some basic household supplies and the information listed below.

Step 1 - Dissembling Wood Plantation Shutters

Get started by wearing plastic gloves and placing a ladder (if needed). You need to ensure that the work area is along the level of your hips. This is a basic woodworking requirement. For this, locate a table or any stable surface that measures up to your waist. Secondly, dissemble the plantation shutters. This is best done by starting along the hinges of the shutters. Remove each panel of the shutter using a screwdriver to disengage the screws.

Step 2 - Sanding Dissembled Wood Plantation Shutters

To prepare a smoothened surface to paint or stain the shutter surface, you need to sand it. This also helps to decode the level of surface damage. You can use sandpaper for this but this can prove to be time consuming. Using a power drill with a dedicated wire brush is recommended. Ensure that you work with the grain when sanding. This ensures that the wooden surface appears uniform.

It is recommended to use sandpaper after power-assisted sanding for better results. When sanding pay special emphasis to spots of rot. This fungus can be impacted deeper into the wooden surface if sanded. Thus, you need to scrape out the rot spots, using a flat-headed screwdriver. However, do this carefully to minimize the damage induced by scraping. Fill the scraped surfaces with a wood filler and re-sand such spots.

Step 3 - Repairing Loose Wood Plantation Shutters

One of the commonest problems with used wooden plantation shutters is their sagging look. This usually happens due to the compromised strength of their installation points. Inspect the hinges. If the hinges appear rusted, repeatedly sand them with high-grit sandpaper. However, if the wood around the hinges appear decayed, you need some serious repairing. Start by sanding-away the flaky/rotten pieces of wood. Use a wood filler compound for impacting the ruptured wood surface. Inspect the state of the mounting and hinge screws. Replace any screw that appears to be damaged or heavily corroded.

Step 4 - Staining Wood Plantation Shutters

The sanded surface needs further preparation in the form of chemical stripping. This ensures that all traces of the previous staining compounds or paints are comprehensively removed. Chemical stripping for plantation shutters can be quite tedious due to the high number of panels involved. Apply the chemical stripper with a paintbrush. Apply a thin coat of the stripper and repeat the process, as per the packaged instructions. Leave the stripper for a few minutes. Now, wipe it using a dry cloth. Apply the staining compound with a paintbrush. Ensure that you don’t coat the hinges or any metallic attachment of the shutter. Allow the stained side of the shutter to dry. Then, turn over the shutter and stain the other side.