How to Refinish Your Wood Patio Bench

What You'll Need
Work gloves
Chemical stripper
Steel wool
Sanding sealer

Learning how to refinish your wood patio bench is worth your time and effort to keep your favorite seating place maintained. Your wood patio bench is constantly exposed to harsh elements outdoors, but you can show it love and care by refinishing it from time to time. Read through the instructions below to restore your bench easily and efficiently. 

Step 1 – Soften the Old Finish 

The purpose of taking off the old finish is so that you can evenly refinish your wood patio bench. Purchase chemical stripper at your local home improvement store, as this is the best way to soften the old finish so that it can easily be removed. Make sure you’re outdoors or in a well-ventilated area when working with these chemicals. Also be sure to protect yourself by wearing thick work gloves and work goggles. Now, pour the cream, paste, or gel onto the wood. Use a brush to spread the chemical stripper over all of the exposed wood of your patio bench. You want to achieve a consistent heavy coat. The directions with the chemical stripper will indicate how long it must be left on the wood.

Step 2 – Remove the Old Finish 

After the set amount of time has passed, the old finish should be softened. With a scraper, you’ll be able to easily remove the finish. Be careful not to nick the wood and always move with the grain. You will probably need to use steel wool to reach all of the hidden corners of your wood patio bench. Now, wipe your bench with a cloth. 

Step 3 – Sand and Seal the Wood 

Use sandpaper to thoroughly and evenly smooth its surface. Whenever you sand from this point on, make sure you’re sanding with the grain. Wipe off the sand bits with a cloth. Use the brush to spread sanding sealer over your whole patio bench. After one hour, wipe the excess off with your cloth. When you no longer feel any wetness on the surface of your bench, sand your bench a second time and wipe off the sand bits again. 

Step 4 – Stain and Seal the Wood 

Use the brush to spread stain over your bench. As above, wait one hour before removing any excess stain. When the stain has dried, brush on polyurethane, but only a light coat. This will seal your newly stained wood patio bench. When the polyurethane has dried, your patio bench will need one more sanding session. Then use the brush to apply polyurethane a second time. This is the last light coat. When this last coating dries, you’ve successfully refinished your wood patio bench by yourself!