How to Reglaze Shower Tile

  • 2-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 400-700
What You'll Need
Acid paste
Silicone digester
Epoxy primer
White cloths
Acrylic urethane resin
Polyurethane coating product

Shower tile will need to be reglazed after a while. You will find that it is something that can make your shower look like new again. Whenever you are looking for a change in your home but cannot afford to remodel, try reglazing the tile. It is much less expensive and a lot easier. As long as you have the right tools and knowhow, you will be able to get your shower tile reglazed in no time.

Step 1 - Remove Caulking

The first thing that you are going to have to do is get rid of all of the caulking in the area that you will be reglazing. This is something that can easily be done with a visit to your local home improvement store for some silicone digester. Follow the directions on the digester carefully and make sure that you have all traces of caulking gone before you move on to the next task.

Step 2 - Porcelain Tiles

If you are working on porcelain tiles, then you will need to get them etched with acid paste. This will help to get your porcelain tile ready to accept the glazing. Make sure that you wear gloves whenever you do this so that you do not get any of this paste on your skin as it can do damage to it. Use caution and work slowly with this paste so that it does not go anywhere that you do not want it to.

Step 3 - Degreaser

You are now ready to get your tiles cleaned with a degreaser to get rid of all of the traces of the particles that are contaminating. Make sure that you degrease the entire area that is going to be reglazed. Give it time to dry thoroughly before you move on to the next step.

Step 4 - Epoxy Primer

You are now ready to apply the epoxy primer. There are multiple different types that you can use: one painted on with a roller or a brush, the other is sprayed. It is up to you which you prefer. Whichever you use, make sure that you get into the corners with your primer. Once you have the entire surface primed, you are almost ready to begin reglazing.

WARNING: Read the epoxy container's safety instructions and make sure your work area has proper ventilation before you start applying epoxy. Consider wearing safety glasses and a face mask while using epoxy, especially if you have a history of respiratory issues.

Step 5 - Acrylic Urethane Resin

Most home improvement stores will be able to supply you with whatever color you want. There are two different types of this resin available. There is a one day cure and then there is a three-day cure. The three-day cure can provide you with the best results. Once it has dried, apply polyurethane to the tiles to allow for durability and to give it a nice shine.