How to Re-glaze Vinyl Casement Windows

What You'll Need
Putty knife
Screwdrivers (both flat and Phillips head)
Window cleaner
Soft lint-free cloth
Soapy water

Reglaze your vinyl casement windows to help cut down on drafts and even high energy bills. Follow the steps below to complete this easy project in an afternoon.

Step 1 - Remove Old Putty

Use a putty knife to remove the old putty from around the glass. This should not be too difficult considering the casement around the window is vinyl.

Step 2 - Remove the Glass

There are metal glazing points that hold the glass in place. You will have to remove them before taking out the glass.

Step 3 - Remove the Glazing Beads

Pry between the frame and glazing beads with a putty knife or wide screw driver. To remove the glass, cut the glazing tape with a razor knife.

If there is excess putty around the glass, you will need to remove it during this phase of your project.

Step 4 - Clean the Glass

Use a glass cleaner and a soft rag to clean the glass from any smudges and dirt. Remove any grime.

Because your casement window is vinyl you might want to wash it with hot soapy water. Since they are vinyl there is no painting involved and you will not need to worry about stripping the paint during the cleaning process. This will save time as you do not have a long drying time.

Step 5 - Apply New Glaze

You now are ready to apply a little of the oil based glazing putty around the edge to cushion and also to seal the glass. Once you have done this you will now place the glass back into the window. If you don’t have the glazing putty there is glazing tape that you can use. You will peel the adhesive film from the tape. Press the glass firmly against the tape. If you had glazing points you will need to put them back in.

The glazing compound can now be applied.  To this, take some of the compound in your hand and knead it like flour dough.  This will create a bead of glazing putty.

Once you have done this apply the bead of putty compound along the edge of the glass.  Use a putty knife to do this.  Flatten the putty against the sash and the window.  Avoid going back and forth.  You want it to be a smooth as you can get it. If there is excess putty you and remove it with the putty knife.

Now you have a nice reglazed vinyl casement window.

Step 6 - Clean Window

Allow your window to dry and clean with a soft cloth and window cleaner.