How to Regrow a Grass Patch that Has Been Taken Over By Weeds

gloved hands pulling a weed from grass.
What You'll Need
Household vinegar
Small paint brush or spray bottle
Grass seed
A hose

Oftentimes a grass patch on your lawn can be taken over by weeds and if not destroyed, the weeds can weaken or kill off the grass completely. Weeds are very aggressive plants and compete with your lawn for food, water, light, and air. With only a few of the right tools and materials, you can regrow a grass patch that has been taken over by weeds.

Step 1 - Remove Existing Weeds

Before you can regrow the grass you will need to remove all of the weeds from the infected patch. There are a couple of options for weed removal. However, the most effective method is to poison them with an organic pesticide and then dig up the roots. An organic pesticide such as household vinegar won't affect the soil but will go directly to the root of the weed. Next, dig out all of the roots and a small patch of dirt surrounding the weed. Dispose of the weeds in the garbage.

Step 2 - Fertilize and Seed

Purchase topsoil, fertilizer, and grass seed from your local gardening store. Spread the topsoil evenly across the grass patch where the weeds have been removed. Next, sprinkle handfuls of seed uniformly onto the topsoil. Lastly, spread lawn fertilizer over the seeded topsoil to aid the growth of the grass.

Step 3 - Water

Now that you have correctly laid the topsoil, seed, and fertilizer use a garden hose to soak the area. Make sure water does not accumulate on the soil itself and try to water the patch once in the morning and once at night until the seeds sprout and become well established.