How to Reinforce a Garage Door

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 50-100
What You'll Need
Metal garage door
Security pad
Master or combination lock
Garage door remote kit

A garage door is usually made from lightweight materials to make it easier to raise and lower and save on expense. Unfortunately, this also makes them easier for an intruder to break through. Ideally, garage doors should be equipped with steel bracing. Wooden overhead garage doors with thin panels should be reinforced on the inside with 1/2 inch plywood or replaced with a metal rolling overhead door. This article will give you ideas on how to reinforce your garage door.

Step 1 - Install A Metal Door

A metal door will help you secure your garage door. Metal rolling doors are not only nearly impossible to break through, they also can't be forced open from the outside. They are extremely durable against weather damages, such as damage incurred by rain, storms, wind, sleet and hail. Most metal garage doors are made from aluminum.

However, you can purchase a garage door that is made of steel. Steel garage doors are more durable than aluminum doors because they defend nick and dents better than aluminum. A metal garage door can be purchased or ordered through your local hardware store. Most metal doors come with a lock installed on the door, or you can install one of the security measures listed below

Step 2 - Install a Security Pad

You can also install a security keypad on your garage door to reinforce it, and it will help keep intruders out. The keypad can be installed on the outside of your garage door to permit entrance or exit. If you decide to install a security keypad on your garage door, it is important to never give the security number code to anyone that you do not want entering your garage. A garage door security keypad can be purchased from your local hardware store.

Step 3 - Install Locks on Your Garage Door

Installing locks on your garage door is a great way to keep intruders out and reinforce your garage door. Although most newer garage door designs come with a lock that is pre-installed, some older models do not come equipped with this. You can purchase a garage door lock from your local hardware store, or you can simply install a key master lock that must be opened with a key.

Some people do not prefer this method because a key can be lost. If that is a concern that you have, you can also install a combination lock so that a key is not required. Please keep in mind that these types of locks can be cut off in the event an intruder is very determined to get inside your garage.

Step 4 - Install a Garage Door Remote

Installing a garage door remote is a great way to reinforce your garage door against intruders. A garage door remote does not require a key or a code, but rather, the remote has to be used in order to access the garage from the outside. Many people prefer this type of security since only the remote is needed.