How to Reinforce Existing Garage Shelving

What You'll Need
Shelf brackets
Wall anchors

Garage shelving systems are practically indispensable for storing away a wide variety of items. Due to the weight they are exposed to, such shelves may in time require some attention. You may consider reinforcing them, especially if you notice any sagging shelves. Here is a basic overview of how to best go about it.

Step 1 - Acquiring Tools and Materials

First of all check your shelves and determine why they are sagging. Determine whether you need to replace the existing brackets or just add additional ones in between, for added sturdiness. Then acquire the tools you will need. Measure the existing shelf brackets and purchase brackets which are of the right size for the garage's shelves. Bear in mind the shelves' length, and the weight of the items you intend to store on the shelves.

Step 2 - Marking

Mark the place where the additional bracket or brackets will be fixed.

Step 3 - Drilling

Drill holes at those points. Then insert wall anchors in these holes. Use a hammer to tap onto the anchors so as to make them get into the holes better.

Step 4 - Installing the Shelf Brackets

Now you can place the bracket against the wall in such a way that the holes are corresponding to the holes in the wall. Insert screws at those points and secure the bracket in place using a screwdriver.