How to Remove a Bathroom Countertop and Vanity

An important feature of renovating a bathroom is the removing of the present bathroom countertop and vanity sink. Removing the bathroom vanity will not need any plumbing work or expertise. The job can be normally be completed in an hour.

Depending on the size of the replacement bathroom countertop and vanity sink, it may be necessary to also repair the wall after the removal process. A smaller sink will reveal marks on the wall that you will want to hide.

Materials and Tools

  • Screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Utility knife
  • 14-inch pry bar
  • Bucket  
  • Pipe wrench

Step 1- Turning off the Supply of Water

Look underneath the sink to find the shut-off valves for water lines. Turn these valves to “off” position and tighten them. Open the faucet and ensure the water supply is stopped. In case there are no valves below the sink, you will need to turn off supply from the main valve.

Step 2- Draining out Water

Keep a bucket under the sink below the drain trap to collect any water remaining in the drain.

Step 3-Removing the Drain Pipe

Disconnect the drain pipe from the sink and take it away.

Stop 4- Removing the Faucet

Remove the handles from the faucet. Use an adjustable spanner to loosen the water pipes and waste pipe.  Lift out the faucet hardware that was attached to water supply pipes in the sink.

Step 5- Remove the Sink

In case the bathroom countertop and sink are not integral, it will be easier to take out the sink before removing the bathroom countertop. Score out the caulk sealing around the sink and also break and remove the sealing between the countertop and sink. Pull out the sink from the countertop.

Step 6- Removing the Screws from Wall

Inspect below the counter and look for any screws used to fix the vanity countertop into the wall and vanity cabinet. Loosen the screws and remove them.

Step 7- Breaking the Caulk

Break off the caulk sealing between the bathroom countertop and wall by scoring it using a utility knife. It is possible that the counter top is fixed with an adhesive to the wall. In that case, use a pry bar to tear apart the countertop from the back wall.

Step 8- Removing the Counter Top

Shake the countertop to get it detached from the wall. Pull up the countertop and remove it apart from vanity cabinet.

Step 9- Repairing the Wall on the Back

Repair the back wall as it will have spots. However, the method of repairing the wall will depend upon the type of wall and further plan of fixing a new sink and vanity.