How to Remove a Bird Stuck in a Chimney Pipe

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Packing tape

If a bird has become caught in your chimney pipe, you will want to remove it carefully to avoid harming the animal or causing damage to your home. Creating a way to guide the bird slowly and easily out of the chimney will protect both.

Step 1: Create a Cardboard Tool

The first thing you will need to do is measure the length and width of the chimney opening at the top of the chimney. Using those measurements, cut out a piece of cardboard that will fit perfectly in it. Then securely tape a string to each of the four corners of the cardboard, making sure that the length of the string will reach the bottom of the chimney from the roof.

Step 2: Removing the Bird

Slide the cardboard down the chimney vertically so that it hits the damper plate. Make sure that you do this vertically so that you do not push the bird further down the chimney. Then slowly lower the other edges of the string so that the cardboard fits horizontally in the chimney.

Shine a flashlight down on the bird to locate its position and allow it to fly around a few minutes. Most likely it will land on the cardboard once it has calmed down. Then very slowly moving only a couple inches per minute, begin raising the cardboard until the bird has reached the top.

Doing this will help help you free the bird without causing damage to your chimney.