How to Remove a Broken Concrete Screw

What You'll Need
Screw Extractor
Drill Bit
Safety Goggles
Drop Cloths

Breaking off a screw in the wall is annoying but amazingly enough, you should be able to remove a broken concrete screw with easeYou will find that there are complicated ways to accomplish this project that include drilling out the hole and using a “tap” to on the damaged threads, and there are equally other methods that will help you remove the broken concrete screw with ease. This project is not only a simple one but is also fairly cheap. You can complete this project for under $10.

Step 1 – Prepare the Surface and Area

Get your surface cleaned up and throw drop cloths over the flooring and furniture that may remain in the room. This job can kick up an undesirable amount of dust in the room.

Step 2 - Put On Your Safety Gear

Put on your safety goggles before you begin this project. Particles of dust will kick up and it is best to protect your eyes from any unwanted pieces that may fly directly at you.

Step 3 - Drill a Hole in the Center of the Screw

You will want to center your drill bit on the screw and drill a small hole.  If you find that the broken edge of the screw is making it difficult to drill this hole, switch to a smaller drill bit.  Use light pressure and drill carefully.  Again, be careful not to break your drill bit at this point otherwise you will then need to pull out the drill bit and the screw, which will cause extra effort and time.

Step 4 – Insert Extractor and Tap

After you have made your small hole in the center of the screw, you should insert the screw extractor.  Tap the extractor firmly with a hammer.  Twist the screw extractor in a counterclockwise direction while you press firmly on it.  The extractor should now be grabbing into the screw and turning the screw.  Continue to turn it counterclockwise until the screw is fully removed.

Step 5 – Remedies if Not Successful

If you find that the extractor is not turning the screw out of the hole, try to tap the extractor into the screw again. This time, try to tap a little harder than you did the first time.

If trying to tap it in again hasn’t worked, you can also try using a heat gun on the screw. This may help to loosen the stuck threads. 

If you still find that the screw won’t move you might try re-drilling the hole in the screw.  You should try a larger drill bit than you used before and drill again.  Be sure to keep the drill straight and carefully drill into the existing hole.  You should then tap the extractor back into the larger hole and try to turn again.

If these methods fail, it will be necessary to completely drill out the screw.