How to Remove a Car's Front Cross Member

When you need to do something to the front of your vehicle, such as repairs or fortifications, you need to remove the front cross member in order to have access to the front of your car. Removing the cross member may seem a bit complicated, but it is really easy, and all you need are some basic tools to dismantle it.

Tools and Materials

  • Car Jack
  • Jack Stands
  • Screwdriver
  • Socket Set

Step 1: Remove the Grill

Most vehicles have grills at the front, in order to allow airflow into the engine. If your car has a grill, remove it, in order to access the front cross member. Get your screwdriver and unscrew the screws fastening the grill to the front cross member. Once you’ve taken them out, the grille will be free and it should come off easily.

Step 2: Remove Headlights

Next step is to remove the headlights. Remove the headlight bulbs, fastened to the back of the headlights, by simply twisting them and pulling them off. You will see some screws on the top of the headlights, so use your screwdriver an undo these screws. Check the back of the headlights, and you will also see screws fastening them from the side. Remove these as well. Keep the screws for later use. Remove the headlights by pulling them out carefully. Some headlights require that you remove the bumper in order to get them off. If this is the case, refer to Step 4 first, before doing this step.

Step 3: Remove the Side Markers

If your car has separate side markers, remove these as well, before you access the front cross member. Just like the headlights, you will see signal light bulbs at the rear of the side markers. Simply twist them counterclockwise, and pull them out. You will also see screws on top, and sometimes at the side of the side markers, so remove them using the screwdriver. The side markers should slide out easily at this point.

Step 4: Remove the Bumper

To remove the bumper, first loosen the fender lining by the tires, and open it up a bit, in order to gain access to the bolt it is hiding. This bolt fastens the bumper to the chassis. Remove these bolts, using your socket wrench. Go to the front of your car, and you will see that the bumper is also fastened to the front cross member, with about 4 or 5 bolts on top. Remove these bolts. The bumper should now come off.

Step 5: Remove the Front Cross Member

Now that you have peeled away the components that you need to remove, you now have full access to the front cross member. You will see that it is being held in place by bolts. Remove these bolts, using the socket set. These bolts can be seen on the top portion of the cross member, and on the side as well. Be sure to find all bolts and undo all of them. The front cross member should now be free, and you will be able to pull it out easily.