How to Remove a Creased Car Dent

creased dent in front of car
  • 2-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 20-60
What You'll Need
Knockdown dent-removal tool
Cleaning tools

All car dents are unattractive. However, possibly the least-attractive blemish of all is a creased car dent, which looks like an oval indent on your vehicle’s bodywork. While you can use household objects, like a plunger, to fix smaller car dents, you will need to purchase a knockdown dent-removal tool or kit to fix a creased dent.

Step 1 – Find the Panel Nuts

To begin working on the creased car dent, you first need to remove the panel from the car. Every panel is held on by nuts. To locate the nuts, refer to the service manual for your vehicle.

Step 2 – Remove the Nuts

Then, with a wrench, loosen and remove the nuts. Wearing gloves, gradually ease the panel off the car.

Step 3 – Clean the Panel

Place the panel on your workbench. Clean off most of the dirt, so that you can see the creased car dent properly. Inspect the dent to assess its length and depth.

Step 4 – Position the Tool

For a creased dent deeper than 1 inch, put the head of the knockdown dent-removal tool at the back of the dent. Then, center the tool in the middle of the dent, where the dent is deepest. Gently press on the metal to ease the car dent until the recess isn’t as deep.

Step 5 – Remove the Dent

After you’ve lessened the depth of the dent to less than 1 inch, put the head of the knockdown tool behind the dent, at the far end of the crease. Then, push the tool head against the dent. Force the metal forward, continually and gently, until the dent is gone.

Step 6 – Inspect the Area

Look at the entire panel. If there are any areas you’ve pushed out too far with the tool, put the tool back on top of them and tap the tool with a mallet to even out the panel. Once the panel is smooth, clean the panel.

Step 7 – Refit the Panel

Finally, fit the panel back in place, and thread the nuts into the bolts. Hand-tighten the bolts, and check to make sure the panel is properly aligned. Tighten until the panel is secure. To make your car look new again, wash and wax the vehicle.