How to Remove a Fiberglass Fender

Many modern vehicles have a fiberglass fender as part of the bodywork. You’ll find the fenders situated between the doors and front bumper. Several bolts under the hood and inside the wheel well secure the fender onto the car. Fiberglass is a lightweight and durable material. It is also easy to repair which makes it a good choice for your vehicle. However, in some cases it may be a better decision to replace a damaged fender rather than repair it. This especially applies to serious damages that are unlikely to hold for long after repair. The guide below shows you how to remove your fiberglass fender.

Materials Needed

  • Jack
  • Jack stands
  • Ratchet set
  • Tire iron
  • Socket wrench
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Screwdriver

Step 1 – Remove Front Tires

It is necessary to remove the front tires to allow you to access the wheel well comfortably. This will enable you to remove the bolts in the well that secure the inner part of the fender onto the car. Remove the lug nuts from the tires with the help of a tire iron. Use a jack to raise the front end of your car. Place jack stands underneath the raised section to support the car. Remove the tires and place aside.

Step 2 – Inspect the Fender

Open the hood of your car and carefully examine the layout of the fender. Take note of the various bolts that secure the fender on the car. Check out the placement of the bumper to confirm if it will allow you to access the bolts on the fender with your socket wrench. In some cases, the bumper is an obstruction to effective utilization of the wrench. If this is the case, you’ll need to remove the bumper first.

Step 3 – Remove the Bumper

Identify the bolts that secure the bumper onto the car. These should be located behind the bumper. Remove all the bolts with a socket wrench. Keep them safely away. Carefully pull out the bumper from the car and keep it aside.

Step 4 – Remove Fender Bolts

With the bumper removed, you can comfortably use your socket wrench to remove the bolts that secure the fender to the car. Be sure to remove all the bolts. Any bolts left will create resistance when you try to pull out the fender later.

Step 5 – Remove Front Headlights

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws that secure the headlights nearest the fender. Carefully remove the lights and place aside. This will reveal the retaining bolts on the fender that were hidden by the headlights. Remove the bolts with your socket wrench and keep together with the other bolts.

Step 6 – Remove Bolts in Wheel Well

Inside the wheel well, you’ll find more than one size of bolt that secures the fender. Use an adjustable wrench to remove the various bolts.

Step 7 – Lift off the Fender

Carefully pull off the fender from the car. Fortunately, fiberglass is a lightweight material. This allows you to lift it without extra help. The fender should come off easily. However, if you encounter any resistance, check the various parts loosened and remove any bolts you missed.