How to Remove a Motorcycle Oil Filter

  • 2-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-50
What You'll Need
allen wrench/screwdriver
oil filter wrench
appropriate crush washer for oil drain plug
needle-nose pliers
adjustable socket wrench
clean rags
engine oil
new oil filter

In the process of changing the oil in a motorcycle, you have to remove the motorcycle oil filter. Engine oil changes should be completed on your motorcycle every 3,000 miles or 3 months, whichever comes first. This process is key in prolonging the life of your motorcycle. To explain how to remove a motorcycle oil filter specifically, I will briefly go through the steps of how to change the engine oil in a motorcycle.

Step 1 - Remove Bodywork

Whatever is covering your engine you will have to take it off. Remove it with the toolkit that came with your bike (usually hidden under the seat) or else use the allen wrench or Phillips screwdriver. Make sure you keep all screws and bolts in a place where you can find them again later.

Step 2 - Oil Filler Cap

Next, remove the oil filler cap with needle-nose pliers. The oil filler cap is made of black plastic with a raised, twisted cap.

Step 3 - Drain Plug

Place the pan below the engine and untwist the drain plug with the socket wrench. The last few twists may release the dirty oil, so be careful of where your hands are.

Step 4 - Remove and Replace Crush Washer

Take the drain plug and remove from it the aluminum disc or washer. This should be replaced with every oil change. At this point, you should wipe off the drain plug with a clean rag.

Step 5 - Oil Filter

Remove the oil filter with the oil filter wrench. This can be purchased at any motorcycle or auto parts store. Once the oil filter is removed, make sure the O ring or rather, the band of rubber used on the top of the oil filter to help it seal better, comes off with it as well.

Step 6 - Plastic Mesh Filter

This filter is found in the side of the engine case. Remove it and wipe it down with a clean rag. This is a good time to wipe any particles off any areas of the engine that you have exposed.

Step 7 - New Oil Filter

With your finger, wipe fresh motor oil on the O ring of the new filter to help it seal better. With only the strength of your hand and absolutely no tools, screw the filter back into the engine. Using a tool will damage the O ring by being screwed in too tightly.

Step 8 - Finishing up

Once all the oil is drained out, wipe out any exposed areas again and reattach the oil drain plug and plastic mesh filter. Fill your engine with oil according to your owner's manual. Make sure your motorcycle is flat and level on the ground. Start up the engine and let it idle for a minute. Shut off the engine and let it sit for a minute. Check to make sure the oil is at the center line by checking through the oil window on the crank case. If it is, you are done. If it is not, go ahead and fill it up the rest of the way to finish.