How to Remove a Snowblower Engine

What You'll Need
Philips screwdriver
Socket wrench and sockets

Getting your snowblower engine ready for the winter season may require that you remove it from the actual body of the snowblower. If the snowblower engine does not work properly, you may have to remove it to replace it or do a tear down and rebuild to replace some parts. The process of removing the engine from the snowblower is a fairly straightforward process. Here are he steps to take for a successful tear down.

Step 1 - Remove Snow

If you have just finished using the snowblower and are having problems with it that makes removing the engine necessary, you will need to remove the snow from the auger and around the engine itself. This will make sure that you have a good field of vision of the different parts and can work without worry of wrenches slipping on wet bolts.

Step 2 - Disconnect and Remove Spark Plug

When removing the snowblower engine it is important to remove any possibility of it starting by accident. This means you will need to remove the spark plug from the engine. Twist the spark plug wire off of the top of the spark plug and hold it away from the work area. Try not to damage the clip inside or you will have to replace the wire. Use a deep well socket and turn the plug in a counter clockwise direction. Work carefully so you do not snap off the plug in the cylinder. 

Step 3 - Remove Throttle Linkage

You will need to use a screwdriver, or small socket, to disengage the throttle linkage from the choke and carburetor. Wrap this cable aside so that it does no interfere with the rest of the procedure.

Step 4 - Disconnect Electric Starter

Some snowblower engines have a key start that turns on the power to engage the pull crank. Follow the wires from the key and disconnect with the appropriate tool. Wrap this cable around the handle so that it does not get in the way. 

Step 5 - Remove Crank Cover and Disconnect

At the front of the snowblower engine there is a covering that houses the connection of the engine to the flywheel, or crankshaft, that turns the augers when engaged. Remove the covering with a screwdriver and set it aside. Unbolt the spindle drive from the engine and the flywheel, and place the bolts in a safe place.

Step 6 - Unbolt Engine

Looking around the snowblower engine you will find that there are several bolts that hold it to the frame. You will need to go around the engine and unbolt each one. Make sure that they are all done before you start to lift the engine away from the frame. If any of them are stuck, use some penetrating lubricant in order to remove the bolts without breaking them. If they do happen to break off, you will need to drill them out and run a tap and die through them when you want to replace the engine. After the bolts have been removed, you can life the snowblower engine away from the body and place on a sturdy work bench.