How to Remove a Stripped Door Screw

What You'll Need
Socket wrench
Screw extractor

If you need to remove a stripped door screw, there are many strategies you can employ.

Step 1 - Testing the Screw

While many stripped screws are impossible to remove with a screwdriver, many screws that appear damaged at first are actually not as impossible to remove as they seem to be. Because of this, it is important to check every screw that might be stripped carefully, as you might be able to avoid the trouble of finding special tools to remove it.

Press the screwdriver into the screw firmly and give it a few light taps on the base with your hammer. Making sure you are turning it the right way, turn the screw firmly. If this does not work, you will have to try something else.

Step 2 - Using a Socket Wrench

You can use a socket wrench to remove a stripped screw, as it does not require the damaged section to produce friction. Attach the socket wrench to the screw and turn firmly.

Step 3 - Using a Screw Extractor

If the tactics listed above fail, a screw extractor may be the only solution. Screw extractors resemble screwdrivers, but have extra parts designed to grip a stripped screw. Use a screw extractor exactly as you would a screwdriver.