How to Remove a Urine Odor from Your Granite Bathroom Floor

What You'll Need
Stone cleaner
Scrub brush
Plastic wrap

A granite bathroom floor looks wonderful, but not if it has a nasty urine odor. In the event of accidents, especially with little ones or even pets, this can happen if the urine isn’t cleaned up quickly. Removing the urine odor takes a little work, but every time you use the bathroom you’ll be glad that you did it.

Step 1 - Stone Cleaner

You can purchase stone cleaner at any hardware store. To remove the urine odor from granite, as well as any stains that might be there, spray this directly onto the granite. Use it full strength, not diluted.

Use a scrub brush with soft bristles to scrub at the area affected by the odor or the stain. Be thorough in your scrubbing and then rinse with warm water, scrubbing again. This will remove any particles of urine that might be clinging to the surface of the granite. Leave the floor to air dry.

Step 2 - Poultice

To draw the urine odor out from the granite you’re going to need a poultice. These poultices can be bought at the hardware store, too, in either powder or liquid. Mix it up according to the instructions on the packaging. Not only will it remove stains from the urine, it will also lift out all the odor from the granite.

Step 3 - Applying

After mixing up the paste, put it on the granite where you’ve noticed the urine odor. To make it especially effective, you should cover with plastic wrap. This will make it work more quickly. Leave it for about an hour and then remove.

Wash off the residue from the poultice with warm water and a scrub brush. In most instances this should completely eliminate the urine odor from the granite. If it doesn’t, you can reapply the poultice. Cover with plastic wrap and leave for an hour once more. Remove and clean the area.

Step 4 - Alternative Method

Rather than the stone cleaner and poultice method, there’s an alternative approach you can try. This will work when the urine is still quite fresh and hasn’t penetrated deeply into the granite. If you have no success with this, try the other method. Mix up a solution of washing soda and water. Be careful never to use soap for this job; it simply won’t work. With a soft bristle scrub brush, scrub the area that’s affected by the urine odor. You can use a cloth for this but you’ll achieve the best results with a brush. Be prepared to scrub for several minutes in order to penetrate the granite properly.

After doing this, rinse the area with warm water to remove all the solution. Don’t dry the granite with a cloth. Wipe up the excess water and then leave the stone to dry naturally. Once it’s dried you’ll be able to judge whether the urine odor has persisted in the air. If it has, try again or move to the other method to remove the smell.