How to Remove a Vent Visor

What You'll Need
Paint Brush
Trim Knife
Adhesive Remover
Utility Knife
Window Cleaner

A vent visor is a simple attachment that is placed on your car or truck's windows. It is used to reduce noise and can also serve to give your a vehicle a custom look. The attachment typically snaps in place to the lip area that is above the side windows. It is made from a durable plastic or acrylic material and can be taken off as easily as it was installed. In the case, however, of a vent visor that was attached with an adhesive fastener you will need to approach the removal process in a different manner, in order to take it off without damaging your vehicle's windows.

In this how-to article for a do-it-yourselfer, we will discuss the tools, materials and steps needed to remove a vent visor that has been attached to your vehicle with an adhesive material.

Step 1: Remove the Vent Visor

Removing a vent visor that has been attached to the window lip of your car or truck's window with an adhesive requires you to work carefully to prevent damage. Whether you are looking to replace the vent visor with another visor or removing it all together, you need to first apply an adhesive removal solution to the visor to dissolve the adhesive.

Carefully apply an adhesive remover with a paint brush or some type of trim knife. The idea is to get the adhesive remover to seep underneath the vent visor in order for it to dissolve the adhesive holding the vent visor in place. Do this carefully and limit, as best as possible, the amount of adhesive remover that you get on the window or on your hands. You may consider masking the window with newspaper and tape and wearing safety gloves. Also, avoid having the adhesive remover come in contact with the paint.

Step 2: Use the Utility Knife

Take a razor scraper, and exposing the sharp blade, begin scraping the edge of the vent visor, working carefully not to scratch the vehicle's window. As you work the bottom edge of the window with the utility knife from left to right, pull the vent visor from the window with your free hand. Continue this process until you are able to remove the vent visor completely from the window.

Step 3: Clean the Window

With the vent visor removed from the vehicle's window, take an auto glass cleaner and rag and clean off any remaining residue that has been left behind from the adhesive used to affix the visor to the window. Check for any scratches that may need to be rubbed out or repaired to prevent the window from becoming damaged.