How to Remove a Wall Mirror

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  • 2-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-40
What You'll Need
Tarp or bed sheet
Metal rod or ruler
Garbage bag
Vacuum cleaner

A wall mirror adds depth and dimension to a room, enhancing the visible size and appearance. However, there are times when wall mirrors have to be removed and either relocated or disposed off appropriately for a number of reasons. Wear safety glasses and gloves to minimize any risk of injury. Keep these steps in mind to successfully remove a wall mirror.

Step 1 - Access Size of Mirror

View the mirror size to determine whether you alone can remove it or will need additional help. Also determine how it is attached to the wall. Some mirrors are attached to walls using mirror clips or hangers, while others are glued on firmly.

Step 2 - Remove Mirror Attached with Brackets

Mirrors attached with metal brackets at each corner are very easy to remove. The brackets installed on the upper edge of the mirrors generally have a fair amount of space specifically provided for the ease of removing them in the future.

Carefully hold the bottom edge of the mirror with your hands and push it up into the upper brackets so it can come free. Slide the lower edge of the mirror over the bottom corner brackets, and then lower it slightly so the upper edge is freed from its brackets. Hold the mirror carefully and place it on a bed or sofa cushion. Unscrew the brackets attached to the wall.

Step 3 - Remove Mirror Attached with Screws

Some mirrors are attached to the wall with galvanized or regular screws. To remove such a mirror, simply unscrew it carefully, moving from the top two corners to the bottom ones. Do not attempt to unscrew the lower ones first, as the weight of the mirror may cause it to slide past your hands and shatter on the floor as soon as you loosen the top screw. It is best to have someone hold the mirror firmly when you unscrew the bottom corners, so you can free the top corners easily.

Step 4 - Remove Mirror Attached With Glue

Some mirrors, whether small or large, are glued to the wall and require a particular technique to remove them. Apply strips of tape over the surface of your mirror to cover it completely. Let the edges of the tape overlap each other so the entire mirror is covered, including the four edges and corners.

Lay a tarp or old bed sheet just below the mirror on the ground to catch any falling pieces that break off. Slide a metal ruler, rod, or long and flat metal object just behind the mirror, between the wall and the back of the mirror. It is best to start at the top corner.

Pry the mirror away from the wall by gently pulling the rod or ruler towards yourself. Continue pulling the mirror towards yourself until freed sections begin to pop off and fall on the tarp or sheet. It is very unlikely that a large mirror will be freed intact by this method. Collect all the mirror pieces in a bag to dispose off, and vacuum the floor thoroughly.