How to Remove Adhesive from a Bathtub

clean, adhesive-free bathtub
  • 2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20
What You'll Need
Razor blade
Paint scraper
Adhesive remover
Latex gloves
Eye protection
Face mask
Bathtub cleanser
Old rags or paper towels

Learning how to remove adhesive is important for anyone that is doing his or her own bathroom renovations. It is a matter of time before you spill an adhesive onto a surface or use too much when installing tiles. If you want a pristine finished product, knowing how to remove adhesive is important. Follow these steps to properly remove adhesive from your bathtub.

Step 1 - Remove Excess Adhesive with Scraper

Removing excess adhesive from a bathtub is much easier than removing it from painted walls or concrete floors. The smooth surface of the bathtub naturally makes it easy to clean. When an adhesive hits the surface of the bathtub, it has a tendency to streak or pool. In order to properly remove it, you first have to remove the large, pooling areas of adhesive.

A razor blade or a paint scraper is perfect for this job. Place the blade or scraper parallel to the adhesive to minimize the damage done to the tub, and then begin gently scraping off the excess with your preferred tool.

Step 2 – Use Adhesive Remover

Scraping away the adhesive is the first step in removing it, but you'll still be left with some left on the porcelain.

One of the best things to try first is using denatured alcohol and an old rag to remove the adhesive. Scrub in a firm, circular motion. If that does not work, clean the alcohol off with warm water and move on to an adhesive-removal product.

Be careful about which adhesive-removal product you use, as certain projects can damage the surface of the bathtub. There are dozens of adhesive-removal products on the market currently, including wipes, which would be a good choice. Goo Gone is one popular adhesive remover. These products are all powerful chemicals, and you should wear gloves, a face mask, and possibly protective eyewear when you use them.

Although you should follow the directions on your specific adhesive remover, most require you to let the product sit for at least an hour to work before scraping it off. In this case, use a paint scraper and not a blade. Once the bulk of the goo is off, you should wipe the area with an old cloth to remove anything that remains.

Step 3 – Clean Up Excess Adhesive Remover

After scraping off as much adhesive as possible, it is important that you thoroughly clean your bathtub. If there is any adhesive remover left in the tub, it will become dangerously slippery and you could get hurt.

Wash any excess remover off with warm water and a rag, and then liberally spray the tub with a bathtub cleanser. If there is any adhesive remaining at this time, you should let the cleanser rest for at least 10 minutes before scrubbing the tub with a rag. Rinse off the cleanser with warm water.