How to Remove Adhesive from Stainless Steel

What You'll Need
Hot water
Rubbing alcohol

Knowing how to remove adhesive from stainless steel will help you keep your stainless steel in mint condition. The process is not complicated. Here's how you get the job done.


Step 1 – Prep Work

The first step in removing an adhesive is to take off the big pieces of adhesives. Use a pincer to remove the smaller adhesive stickers.

Step 2 – How to Remove the Adhesive

Now soak the object in hot water. This will loosen the strongly sticking adhesive. Soak for about 20 to 30 minutes and then let it dry.

Step 3 – Flour

The next step in the- how to remove adhesive process is, to apply flour to the area where the adhesive is present. Make sure the stainless steel object is dry before applying the flour. Then use a scrubber and scrub vigorously to remove the adhesive. Take care so as not to scratch the stainless steel surface while scrubbing.

Step 4 – Final Step

After you have removed the adhesive with a scrubber, wash the object to remove the residue of adhesive and flour. Finally apply an even coat of rubbing alcohol. This will help add luster to the stainless steel object giving it a shine.