How to Remove Adhesive From Wood Floors

A breakfast room with a beautiful hardwood floor.
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 30
What You'll Need
Non-metal scrubbing brush
All-natural peanut butter
Lint-free towel
Putty knife
Mineral spirits

For whatever reason, people used to cover beautiful hardwood floors with carpet or linoleum. When you discover a hardwood floor under such drab coverings, it is like finding a buried treasure. Unfortunately, when you remove carpet or vinyl, you will find that adhesive is left behind. This is definitely an unsightly scene which makes knowing how to remove adhesive very important. The article that follows will teach you how to remove adhesive from wood floors naturally.

Step 1 - Clean the Floor

There will most likely be a lot of grime and dirt left on the wood floor after the carpet or vinyl is removed. This grime can easily prevent the removal of the adhesive even though you may not be able to see it with your eyes. Mix soap and water and apply it to the wood floor, scrubbing hard to clean it thoroughly. This may remove a good amount of the adhesive from the wood floor as well as removing oils and dirt that could hinder your progress.

Step 2 - How to Remove Adhesive with Peanut Butter

The best and easiest way to remove adhesive is by using peanut butter. It is crucial that you use only all-natural peanut butter; organic and made only from peanuts. The natural oils found in the peanut butter work against the bonding agent found in the adhesive.

Use your finger and rub some of the peanut butter over the adhesive, applying considerable pressure as you rub with a circular motion. The adhesive will begin to come up and form tiny balls. Use this method as long as you can before wiping the peanut butter off with a rag and soapy water.

Step 3 - Icing the Adhesive

Adhesive forms a strong molecular bond with the wood which can be interfered by freezing the molecules. Make sure that the area is dry before moving forward, and then place a thin rag on top of the adhesive and place ice on top of the rag. After about ten minutes the adhesive should be frozen. Remove the rag with the ice in it, and start to rub the adhesive with your finger or use a putty knife to carefully remove it.

Step 4 - Mineral Spirits

Depending on the finish of the wood, using mineral spirits could damage it, so use it as a last resort for tough adhesives. Pour some of the mineral spirits onto a towel and rub the adhesive with it. Scrub thoroughly to remove the majority of it; however, you may not be able to remove all of the adhesive with just the rag, in which case you will want to switch to the scrubbing brush for the rest.