How to Remove Air Bubbles from Sheet Vinyl

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 80-140
What You'll Need
Hot iron
Floor roller
Utility knife
Waxed paper
Piece of cloth
Flooring adhesive

There are people who often complain that their sheet vinyl flooring has developed air bubbles beneath its surface. You can solve the problem and remove these air bubbles without damaging the vinyl flooring.

Bubbles can form during the installation of the sheet vinyl flooring but they can then vanish when you run a roller over the floor. However, some bubbles may remain under the vinyl even when you finish the installation. you will need to remove such air bubbles manually. The removal technique varies with the size of the bubble. When it comes to small bubbles, you need to release the trapped air, whereas with larger bubbles you need to replace the damaged flooring.

Step 1 – Understanding the Formation of Air Bubbles

Keep in mind that air bubbles can form under your vinyl flooring at any moment, but air bubbles are most likely to form soon after the flooring has been installed. This is because the moist air from under the wooden subfloor rises in an upward direction and the sheet vinyl traps it, and therefore causes the air bubbles to form beneath its surface.

Step 2 – Removing Small Air Bubbles

If you notice that the air bubble is small and has a diameter of about an inch, you can release the air trapped inside by pricking the air bubble with a needle. Seal the hole in the sheet vinyl flooring with a piece of cloth or press a hot iron against the area to remove the hole, and then use a flooring roller to roll over the area.

Step 3 – Fixing Larger Air Bubbles

If the bubble is on the large size, wrap a hot iron in a piece of cloth and put it onto the air bubble. This will help the vinyl flooring soften a bit. Cut the sheet vinyl flooring in the shape of an X with a utility knife and then remove the vinyl by peeling it back.

Put some flooring adhesive onto your floor. Ideally, you should use a syringe to apply the flooring adhesive. Put the peeled sheet vinyl flooring back and cover that part of the flooring with waxed paper. Place a heavy weight over the area and leave it overnight or for 24 hours. After the time has passed, remove the weight and clear away from the sheet vinyl flooring any excess adhesive that has come to the surface.

You can utilize these air bubble removal techniques on vinyl tiles as well, but with a few modifications; you can simply remove the damaged vinyl tile and replace it with a new one instead of pricking the bubble with a needle. Heat the vinyl tile with a hot iron in order to soften the adhesive so that you will be able to remove the tile more easily.